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The Crossword Has Evolved

City Crossword is an online game you solve with your neighbors. All riddles are local trivia based on news, history, sports and more. The prizes are local too! RVSP for the next game.

How To Play

City Crossword is an online game that you solve as a group. All riddles are local trivia and based on news, history, sports and more.

While playing the game, click on an unsolved riddle to work on solving it. You can then submit an answer or collaborate with other players in the comments section. Here's an example riddle and answer:

RIDDLE: 15 ACROSS: Covered Nashville's first nighttime baseball
ANSWER: Phosphorus

Other players may help you get closer to the answer. For instance a player may say, "Not sure if the answer is the paper or an individual. I can find details on the game, but no mention of coverage."

Once the right answer is guessed and verified by us, we'll let you know the reason behind the answer. In this case, "The Nashville Tigers, of the original Southern League (1885-99), played the first [base]game by artificial light in the city [...] A ball covered in phosphorus was used," according to "Nashville Sports History: Stories from the stands" by Bill Traughber (2010).

If you submit the correct answer, City Crossword will verify it, then add it to the puzzle in the middle. The puzzle in the middle is not editable.

Answers have no spaces or punctuation and if a person is the answer, the answer is always their last name. So MICROWAVEROBOTS or SMITH could both be answers.

You can win prizes from local businesses and artists by solving the last riddle or by solving the most riddles. Some games also have city missions which have special instructions for other ways to win. City Crossword is spawning so be sure to give us feedback.

Good luck!

More than a crossword

Win Local Prizes

Win exculsive prizes from local businesses and artists. Either solve the last riddle, the most riddles, or complete a mission which can change from game to game.

City-Powered Riddles

Some riddles are so obscure, you'll need more than Google. You'll need your city. Nashvillians submit riddles from local history, sports, events, and the side streets of Nashville.

Collaborate & Scheme

Everyone solves the puzzle at once, so brainstorm answers with others, or form an alliance and slipt your group's spoils. It's all part of the game.